Democratizing Earth Observation

🛰️Affordable Information: Analytics insights
🛰️Satellites compute answers: AI/ML 
🛰️Insights near instantaneous: Continuous
🛰️Delivered M2M: API

Our vision

To build a ubiquitous and global sensing and computing platform that brings the benefits of remote sensing technologies to everyone.

Image by NASA
Image by Adele Payman


NDVI based agriculture solutions

We are building crop health and yield estimation solutions for your farms

Image by James Sullivan


Construction monitoring applications

Deep learning-based solutions for loan-crediting companies to track construction progress. Contact us to learn more.

Trading Floor


Information services for trading

We provide Earth Observation and geospatial information to keep you informed. To know more, click here.

About SkySERVE

We are building autonomous solutions to democratize Earth Observation data for Organizations bringing down the cost of data processing and latency by an order of magnitude.
We are working with multiple Earth Observation businesses by enabling them with insights for operations and monitoring (remotely) with significant reduction in turnaround time and decision making. 

Over the coming months we intend to increase our engagement with customers on ground , to build value blocks of insights on an ongoing basis and then post business maturity move them to onboard satellite data streams to gain 5X efficiency and cost advantage with us.

Earth from Spaceship

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